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Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Customer Support

1. Introduction

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) delineates the terms governing customer support services provided by Invoay (Hades Info Systems Pvt Ltd).

2. Scope

This SLA applies universally to all clients of Invoay (Hades Info Systems Pvt Ltd) availing themselves of our products or services.

3. Support Channels

- Helpdesk: Utilize our designated support center accessible at https://helpdesk.invoay.com/

- Phone: Reach our dedicated support line at +91-8287761922 during operational hours (10 AM - 8 PM).

- WhatsApp Support: Engage in real-time chat via WhatsApp at http://invy.in/IWMW2kWp

- Support hours: As per defined operational hours.

- Critical support is available for urgent matters.

4. Response Time

- WhatsApp chat: Within 10-20 minutes.

- WhatsApp case: Between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

- Helpdesk ticket: Within 24 hours (working days)

5. Personnel

Our support staff comprises qualified professionals adept in providing efficient assistance.

6. Warranty and Maintenance

Maintenance services remain valid throughout the duration of the subscription.

7. Termination

This agreement ceases upon the expiration of the subscription term.

8. Governing Law

The terms of this agreement are subject to the laws of Delhi, India.

9. Agreement Amendments

Any alterations to this agreement require written confirmation.