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How to log a ticket through Invoay HelpDesk portal?

  • Type in in the address bar of your Internet browser (Google Chrome / Internet Explorer / Firefox).
  • After that in to the Invoay HelpDesk portal, the following screen opens up.
  • Click on the Open a new ticket tab after you searching in to Invoay helpdesk.
  • Submit a Ticket window appears.
  • Give mail id, full name, call back number, store Name, proper Subject, Description, Attachment of screenshots of the issue.
  • Then click Create Ticket to finish logging the ticket.


  • The priority and resolution time of your ticket will substantially depend on the Subject and Description provided by you in the ticket.
  • Please log tickets with meaningful Subject and detailed Description as explained below.
  • Please provide a subject line that is concise and correct, pertaining to the symptoms of the problem or the actual problem itsel
  • Do not include unrelated issues in one ticket. It may delay your issue resolution. Please create a separate ticket for each unique issue.
  • If you can describe your problem in simple words, but in detail
  • If you can provide any screenshot of the issue situation.
  • In case of reports, if you can mention the specific report being viewed and the report criteria
  • In case of error, specifics of your actions that led to the error

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