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Login to Invoay POS

Step 1
Click on the Invoay-POS icon>> Login window will appear.
Step 2
User needs to enter the unique id and the password in the id and password slot respectively.
Step 3
After that the window will ask to verify the opening cash, it can be any floating/ petty cash or any other cash as issued by the owner/manager, the cashier then need to enter the amount, click on the verify then save it.
Step 4
As the amount or comment is entered, verified and saved, the home screen of Invoay POS will appear.
Step 5
In the middle of the home screen of Invoay POS options like services, product, packages, membership and membership wallet will appear.
Step 6
Each of the options contains different categories and subcategories of the products or services that are being provided by the salon/spa.

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