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How to create a New Service/Product item?

Master Settings
All the master related setting can be created and edited from Invoay- Back Office
Login to

with your registered user credentials (user name and password)

Go-to Masters- Item Master
Here you can create a new Service or Product Item as required by selecting the appropriate Item Type, Category and Sub Category

Creating a new Service/Product is a Two step process.
In Step 1; You need to enter and select the basic level details of new item.
In Step 2 ; You can choose the location in which new item is applicable (in case of multi-stores), set the Cost (location-wise), Tax percentage, Barcode Details, Incentive Percentage, Service Time, Minimum Quantity (In case of Product), and can set the automated SMS Reminders days to your clients.

Step 1:

Click on New Item
Name*: Enter the Name of Service/Product Item
Item Type*: Select Whether its a Product or Service Item
HSN/SAC: Enter the HSN code in case of Product or SAC code in case of Service (This filed is optional)
Category* : Select the Category in which this newly created item need to be mapped
Sub Category: Select the Sub Category in case you wish to keep along with the main Category
Purchase Price: Enter the master level purchase pricing in case of Product
Is Active* : Check this field
*Mandatory Fields

At the bottom of page, Click on option Save Changes

Step 2: Select the newly created Item. You can shortlist by entering the Name of Service/Product in the search bar or by selecting the respective Category

Cost*: Enter the Cost of Service/Product which you wish you set at the time of Billing
(You can have multiple prices in case of multi-locations)
Is Tax Included*: Select this field in case you want to keep applicable tax to be calculated as inclusive of taxes. Unchecked in case you want taxes to be calculated on top of your Service/Product cost
CGST/SGST Percentage*: Enter the applicable value in these filed. In case you don't want to keep any Tax percentage or taxes isn't applicable to your business enter "0" in each field.
Is Available* : If selected only then this item will be shown at Invoay-POS for billing. If unchecked, the respective item will be deactivated from Invoay-POS. In case of multiple locations and wherever applicable, you can have this field checked or unchecked.
Barcode/Item Code: In case you want to keep the Bar-code, in case of Product or separate item code, in case of Service/Product.
Incentive*: Enter the Incentive value in percentage in case you have fixed incentive in percentage for this Service/Product. The Incentive percentage for an employee who is doing this Service or Selling the Retail, will be auto calculated based on the value set here.
Minimum Quantity: Applicable in case of Product only. In case you wish to keep the Minimum Required Quantity for the particular Product. This help you to keep track of item that need to be re-order
Quantity: You can see the available Quantity of the Product in this field.
Reminder in Days: Enter the no. of Days here, in case you wish your clients should get Reminder SMS after the set days for Service/Product (For the activation of SMS, Goto SMS Settings)
*Mandatory Fields

Click on Save Changes. You can review and do the changes in any of above field. Any changes done here will be applicable only on all future transactions not the previous transactions.

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