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MTNL's Header / Sender ID registration Process

Every principal entity need to register header with access providers as per the procedure below:

  1. Login to the MTNL DLT Platform using Telemarketer/Principal Entity login credentials
  2. Select SMS Headers and then select "Add Header" in header page
  3. Fill in the requisite details such as content category, sender ID/header and provide details of the sender
  4. It is mandatory to approve Header ID separately for the Transactional and Promotional type of SMS
  5. The Header ID needs to be searched in the DLT portal for its availability. Once it's found as available it needs to be applied over the DLT portal mentioning the reason/remark.
  6. Signed Agreement/allocation letter (attached format) need to be uploaded 
  7. Submit the request for approval and make payment through available payment modes
  8. Header registrar will validate and verify details provided by the telemarketer/Principal Entity within 60 minutes
  9. On successful registration, the registrar will approve and register the requested sender ID in the DLT Platform
  10. The Registrar Team will also communicate unsuccessful registration or any discrepancy i.e. missing document or incorrect details with the applicant via the registered e-mail and mobile number within 72 hours from the time of registration.


Special characters such as @, $, %, &, etc. and blank space (“ ”) are not allowed.

This document explains different type of Headers with examples.


Headers that can be used for sending Promotional messages fall under PROMOTIONAL type. Promotional message means commercial communication that can be sent to a mobile subscriber whose preferences are not set (not on DND). Or, any commercial communication that an enterprise can send to an intended recipient after taking consent to send such messages.

Header (6 numeric): 565690, 787878, 987123, 555555, etc.

Promotional Headers should start with the number that matches with the category (as per DND Preferences).

1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/ credit cards.
Ex: 123890, 154987

2. Real Estate
Ex: 234567, 264789

3. Education
Ex: 397134, 321456

4. Health
Ex: 467931, 444654

5. Consumer goods and automobiles
Ex: 582974, 564123

6. Communication/Broadcasting / Entertainment/IT
Ex: 631469, 693147

7. Tourism and Leisure
Ex: 789456, 714369

8. Food and Beverages
Ex: 896321, 816934

0 (Zero) Others – Category that doesn’t appear in 1-8
Ex: 012389, 098654


Headers that can be used for sending Transactional, Service Implicit and Service Explicit message fall under OTHER type. Same Header can be used against all three type of messages. All These Headers are Case Sensitive.

Header (6-alpha): TRUBLQ, TRUblq, TRubLQ, trublq, KLMNOP, DLTdlt, etc.

Transactional: Message which contains One Time Password (OTP) and requires to complete a banking transaction initiated by the bank customer. This is applicable to all banks including national/ scheduled/ private/ Govt. and MNC banks.

Ex: TRHDFC, DCBmsg, MkotaK

Service Implicit: Messages arising out of customer’s actions or his relationship with the Sender, that is not promotional, and is not in the interest of the customer to block such communications. These messages may or may not be triggered by a subscriber-initiated transaction and will not be blocked for subscribers who have otherwise blocked service messages also.

  • Confirmation messages of a net banking or a credit/debit transaction.
  • Product purchase confirmation.
  • delivery status of a parcel.
  • OTP required for e-commerce website, app login, social media apps, KYC, etc.
  • Messages from schools regarding attendance/transport.
  • Messages from hospitals/clinics regarding appointment/discharge reports.
  • Govt./TRAI/DoT mandated messages, advisories, messages from state Govt., LEAs, local authorities, traffic advisories, election commission, disaster management advisories.
  • Service messages from car workshops, gadget service centres.
  • Day-end/ month-end settlement alerts to securities/demat account holders.

Ex: ABCDE, AFioma, uniFco.

Service Explicit: Any service message which doesn’t fall under the category of service message (Implicit) will be sent only against service explicit, digitally verified/verifiable consent that has been taken from the subscriber by the respective enterprise.

Ex: NUTUKI, PRizem, semRTA

OTHER – Govt.

Only Govt. entities can register these Headers that can be used for sending Transactional, Service Implicit and Service Explicit messages.

Header (3 to 9 numeric and should start with 1): 1444, 19898, 15555, 19090909, etc.

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