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Adding New Membership Wallet Membership GST

Membership Wallet is a prepaid membership with the amount paid usually topped up with a Load Value wherein the Load Value is the actual value available for the spend to the customer. 

Create a New Membership Wallet with GST.
Use this case if GST is charged at the time of sale and receipt will be generated at the time of redemption of the balance (Redemption of Sale Value) 

Note: Once a "New Membership Wallet" is created, the setup master field cannot be edited.

Click here to goto New Membership Wallet Master Setup or

Login to your Invoay Back Office>>Master>>Membership Wallet Master>>New


Available on the right header side


Below mentioned is the description of each field in the setup. Mandatory fields are *

Select the store (in the case of multiple stores) where this Membership Wallet needs to be activated


Add the name of the Membership Wallet


For example: Invoay Membership Wallet or this can be named with something linked to your brand theme. This will be printed on the customer invoice and also on the receipt after the redemption of wallet amount.  

This is the actual amount for the Membership Wallet to be paid by the customer.


For example: 10000. This will be the invoice amount. The final invoice amount is subject to inclusive or exclusive of CGST & SGST (or GST)

Percentage in value will be auto calculated on the Amount mentioned and will generate the final Load ValueThis is the correlation between the paid value and the final available value. 


For example: If the final Load Value (the actual available spend amount) needs to be 12,000 then the Percentage Value should be 20
Or if the final Load Value needs to be 12,500 then the Percentage Value should be 25

If the Amount and Load Value to be same (means no add on value to be given) the mention 0 (zero). Percentage value can never be in negative

Note: if the Load Value is known then the Percentage Value can be calculated by doing a simple mathematical calculation as 
Percentage= ((Load Value - Amount)/Load Value) X 100)

Load Value*
This is the actual available value to be given or available to spend. 

Since Membership Wallet is a promotional way to engage customers, Load Value can either be
equal to the Amount or usually greater then it (As per the value of the Percentage mentioned above)
Note: Load Value can never be less than the Amount  


Is Card Number Required*
While the Membership Wallet is associated with the customer’s unique mobile number, if required a physical card can also be given be offered to the customer.


Tick checkbox if the Card Number is mandatory is enter at the time of Sales of Membership Wallet
Untick checkbox if the Card Number is not mandatory to enter at the time of Sales of Membership Wallet

Membership Wallet Consume Type*
Select whether the Load Value can only be used on Service or Product or on Both


For example: If the Consume Type is Service then the Load Value available can only be spent if the cart items are only from Services. 


If it's Both then Load Value will be allowed to consume both Service and Product items in the cart 

Validity in Days*
This is the value of the days for which the Membership Wallet remains valid as calculated from the date of sale. Load Value remains available to spend within Validity in Days


For example: If Validity needs to be kept as one year then the value should be 365. This value can ne kept highest in numbers in case there is no validity bounded

Incentive Percentage*
Usually, it is mandatory to select the Employee Name at the time of sale of the Membership Wallet. Incentive Percentage is the value of incentive or commission value to be calculated  


For example: If the incentive commission on the sales of Membership Wallet is 5% then mention the value as 5. 
Mention zero in case no Incentive needs to be calculated. 

Note: Incentive value will not be reflected at the time of sale or in any of the sales reports. The incentive value calculated on the Membership Wallet can be tracked in Invoay Backoffice atEmployees>>Sales and Incentive Reports>>Membership Wallet Sales Incentive.

Membership Wallet Tax Type*
This is the most important selection. as this FAQ is for the Membership Wallet with GST, the selection should be GST


In this case, while GST Invoice will be generated at the time of sale of Membership Wallet a receipt will be generated at the time of redemption of value. 
This means that Membership Wallet sales will be reflected in the sales report only once i.e at the time it is sold.

Membership Wallet Sales Report

Is Tax Included*
Tick Checkbox if the total GST should be included in the final sales amount. 
For example, if the amount is 10,000 and checkbox tick then GST will be calculated to include this amount.

Untick Checkbox if the total GST should be calculated on top of the Membership Wallet Amount
For example, if the amount is 10,000 and checkbox unticks then GST will be calculated on top of the amount and if the CGST and SGST is 9 each then the sales invoice will be for value 11,800


Mention the value of centre, states and intrastate supply of goods and services tax value 


For Example: If the CGST and SGST is value at 9 then the total GST percentage will be 9+9 =18%
If the Amount is 10,000 and tax is included then 18% GST will be calculated including of 10000
If the Amount is 10,000 and tax is included then 18% GST will be calculated over and above 10000

Membership Balance Carry Forward*
Tick Checkbox Load Value balances will be carried forward if the recharge of the same Membership Wallet is performed and added to the new Load Value. This is possible before the expiry of the Membership Wallet.

Untick Checkbox If the above logic should not be applied then the Load Value will expire with the expiry of validity.


If checkbox tick and balance carries forward is allowed and the Load Value balance left for example is 2000 and within valid days, the Membership Wallet is recharged with the same value then the value balance will not be expired but adds to the next recharged Load Value and will be 12,000. The validity will also be extended.    

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