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Editing Product Item Master

Although it is possible to do any change in Product item master, any such changes will not be applicable to previous transnational data.

Click here Goto Item Masters or

Login to Invoay Backoffice>>Masters>>Item Masters

Following field can be edited:
(Note: Changes made here will be reflected in the Invoay POS)

Product Name:  Search for the name from the filter


Double tap and change to the new name

HSN/SAC Code: 
HSN code for respective "Products" can be edited


Category/Sub Category: Category of the Product can be changed from the available list in the drop down. 
When Category is edited or changed, ensure that the Sub category mapped with the respective category should also be edited.


Click here if you want to learn on Creating a New Product Category

MRP: Edit the Product Item Maximum Retail Price or MRP


Is Active: Uncheck this in case the respective Product Item is not required anymore.


Please note that once IsActive is unchecked and saves changes, the Product Item will be removed permanently from the master list. 

Scroll down to Preview or Save the final changes


Click on Store Details to Edit the Following:

Item Name and Store Name cannot be edited or changed 

Sales Cost: Edit or change the Sales Price of the respective Product Item


Is Tax Included:
Check box in this field, if the Product Sales value should be included in the GST


CGST & SGST: Edit this value in case of any changes in the percentage calculation of the taxes


Is Available: 
Checkbox if the Product is available on the menu list at the time of billing.
Uncheck the box if the service isn't required on the list at the time of billing. 


If the product is later available, it can be checkbox again.

Incentive: Percentage at which the incentive needs to be calculated for the sales of product


Reminder in days:
Enter the value (of days) after which the automated SMS alert should go to customers on their next due product purchase


can also be tracked in the item due report

Click here to learn on creating the Product Masters 

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