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Adding New Expense Category

Multiple expense categories and headings can be created for each set of expenses managed from the front desk in Invoay POS 

These expenses can be of any nature:
-Petty cash
- Tea Coffee Expenses
- Laundry Expenses
- Advance given to any employee etc.

The following are the steps to enter a “new expense category” -:

Click her to goto
"Expense Category" or

Login to your Invoay Backoffice>>Master>>Expense Categories


Click on "New"


Enter the "Name" of the Expense Category


Click on "Is Active" to enable the Expense Category in the dropdown list of categories at the time of entering the new Expense Category


Maintain a list of multiple categories or heads of Expenses

Click  "Edit" to change the name of the already created Expense Category
Uncheck box IsActive to disable the already created Expense Category 

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